09 December 2011


The close circle labyrinth. Logo of KCCH – selected as part of the most important ancient find of Kosova.


Unique and part of the composition: close circular labyrinth (in centre); grape vine (upper part); ivy lives (low part); a prophylactic knot (part of imagined entrance).


Condenses developed religious-philosophical ideas of Dardanians with heliolatry character on circle of life.


Dardanian vision of the Universe. 


Developed by Dardanian sky watchers / priests (prehistoric & antique).


The central sphere presents: Sun - Light - Highest Consciousness.


Birth-death-rebirth is expressed by 6 swastikas.


Found on the epigraphy marble monument of Smira (Edi Shukriu, 1988). At the other three sides the quadrant labyrinth is placed and two identical texts with the dedication to Dea Dardanica. 

Shukriu, Edi
(2010)   “Two labyrinths and Dardanian, Greek and Roman relations by Dea Dardanica’s monument”,  5ème colloque international sur l’Illyrie méridionale et l’Epire dans l’antiquité, Grenoble, 8-11 octobre 2008, Volume II, CRHIPA – De Boccard, Paris, 571-575.

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(2004)  “Perëndesha Dardane - Ikonografia e monumenteve, simbolet dhe funksionet”, Instituti i Historisë, Kosova 24, Prishtinë, 9-33 etc.